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Yay! I love that people are posting again. New excitement to the work day! I'm glad to hear that the campout was fun, even though it was cold and muddy. I really wish that i could have been there! I love campouts - the spring campout was my first event ever when I had 9 days sober, so I have a special fondness.

My weekend was really good too. I went to Austin, Texas for Erik's sister's wedding. It was really so much fun - I love his family so much and every time I hang w/them I feel more and more comfortable around them. The bridal shower was so cute in a little tea room in texas and we had apricot and blueberry iced tea that was so good, and they had the cutest little tea sandwiches and cakes too. Thank you Heather and Kelly for picking out and going to get the bridal shower gift - she totally loved it! After the bridal shower and the guys' lunch, we all met back up and went outlet shopping - yes! It was fun, and I bought some stuff which I don't usually do. I got a vest thingy, and two perfumes - gucci rush bc I love it and have always wanted it, and lulu by Guinness. And Erik's mom bought me some pajamas with pumpkins all over them which are scary but cute. Then we all had starbucks and I had a yummy iced americano and everything was great.

The actual wedding was beautiful - it was a nighttime wedding, outside under the stars. The trees were decorated in little elegant white christmas lights, and everything was candle-lit. The food was so good and it was just really nice. The only bad thing was that it was at a vinyard, and there was so much alcohol everywhere. There was so much wine and champagne and beer - and pretty much everyone was drinking. After dinner, Erik went with all the guys to smoke these huge cigars and was gone for about 2 hours and I started feeling really crazy because everyone was drinking and getting drunk and talking about how drunk they were, and I kept having crazy thoughts, like my head was telling me that I wanted to drink. It was okay though because I ended up tellin Erik how I was feeling, and I get a hold of someone and talked to them for awhile and she told me that my reaction was normal, and after hearing that I could breathe again.

Overall though, the whole weekend was fun, and it was nice to get to spend some time w/Erik. So far today my day is good. They have really good pumpkin spice coffee at the cafe downstairs in the lobby of my building...mmmm :) Okay, that's all.
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Can we get a giraffe or a lamma?
how about an emu? There was a wild one running around the vinyard at the wedding and it would chase you if you touched any of the golf balls laying around
We should get both and a road runner... meep meep!
YES.. Speedy where have you been all my life..