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Going against myself

Okay, so I'm going against myself and posting. I don't want live journal to die, and I am going to do my part to keep it alive. So today is a good day, even though last night was kind of scary. It was lots of fun because a bunch of girls came over and we made caramel apples and had high intensity caramel peeling time. Then it was scary because it got to be so late and I hadn't done anything that I needed to do for today like laundry, cooking, packing for texas, etc. Then Erik and I got in a stupid little fight, and I cried, and was bad, and now my contacts are all fucked up and my eyes are puffy. It was weird because we haven't fought in such a long time...but whatever - we talked through it and we both apologized to each other and we're fine now. It was still scary though.

So tonight I am leaving for Texas for Erik's sister's wedding. It should be fun, and I'm excited because I've never been to Texas before. I have to stay in a hotel room w/erik, his mom, his sister and his sister's husband. That makes me nervous! Last night I dropped $300 at Loehmann's on a bunch of stuff for her bridal shower and her wedding, and then my sister's rehearsal dinner and wedding next weekend. Yikes! I'm not used to spending money like that!

Okay, so nothing is really new and I'm not going to just ramble on, and I'm not in the most fun mood because I'm sooo tired.
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