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I feel like a brand new woman after my 4 shot americano!

I was literally falling asleep at my desk with my work in my hands....seriously contemplating trying to go take a nap in a bathroom stall. Finally I decided that the nap was the only solution, so I went into the bathroom - empty, thank god - but there was a problem. There were no extra loose rolls of toilet paper anywhere in the bathroom. They were all already inserted into the silver TP dispensers, which sucked because I usually use an extra roll of toilet paper as my pillow. Heaven! But I was unlucky, so instead I took a whole bunch of paper towels from the dispenser and balled them all up, sat down on the toilet, put the ball of paper towels on top of the toilet paper dispenser and laid my head down on it. It would have been fine, but I didn't take enough paper towels for it to work, so the corner edge of the toilet paper box kept digging into my cheek, and I was going to go get more and re-ball, but I decided that the ultimate solution was to walk and go get an americano.


It was so good - I put a little bit of splenda so just barely sweet w/some half and half and cinnamon sprinkled all on the top, which I thought was sketchy, but turned out to be SO good! Yes!

I don't know where I would be right now if Kelly didn't introduce me to the wonderful world of Americanos.

Anyway, it is pretty upsetting that LJ seems to be dying, but with a little effort from all of us, we can turn it all around.

I love my life! Hiyo! What is hiyo anyway? Does it have to mean that I'm VERY aroused?
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