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I am eating peas out of a tupperware. Hiyo! I am VERY aroused. I love my life!

I feel like there is nothing to say right now, life is crazy insane and boring all at the same time. Yesterday was such a long day - after work, I met my family for dinner at Cactus Cantina down town - YES, steak fajitas - and then went to services for what felt like forever and didn't get out until 10:20. Then I drove all the way home, got pulled over because apparently I have a brake light out, didn't get a ticket, drove home, cooked all of my food for today (breakfast, lunch and dinner in tupperware!) and then hung out with Erik, watched the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and then played a little and went to sleep only to re-awaken 3 hours later for the 6:45 am meeting this morning. Now I am sitting at work very tired, with no work to do to distract me. After work I go straight to school until 9:30, then come home, cook all of my food again for tomorrow and then go over to Erik's to hang out with him again because it's our only time.

So tired!!! But a good life.

I need to clean my room and my life will be perfect!

I want something great. Something comfy and soft that smells really good that I can play with and sniff, and make me happy in the Fall weather! Is there anything that fits all of those categories that will fulfill all of my deepest wishes and desires? I know that there has to be an aswer.
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