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Chicken on the Run!

I'm so hungry, and luckily I'm getting Chicken on the Run for lunch. Yum! I haven't spent money on food in so long so I've been eating snacks and stuff from the grocery store/home for lunch. Today I decided to splurge, so it will be a nice treat. Chicken, beans and rice w/yummy fresh salsa and yucca w/their amazing good and spicy sauce. Yay!

Today is good so far. I got to read some Harry Potter in the morning while I was "answering phones". No one ever really calls though that early. Then I resumed my ridiculously huge filing project that's more like physical labor than filing. It almost feels like I'm working out! Now I am taking a brake to catch my breath, while I wait for lunch to arrive.

I know I haven't been a great live journal-er recently, but work has been so busy! Once the filing gets done, work will be a lot more lazy lazy.

Meditation was good last night. I feel like the topic was something I've really been needing to hear. Too bad I slept through most of it....oops! See, don't feel bad OJ. Maybe I'll buy myself a meditation cushion for my Christmas present to myself - I really want one! And a snowboard. And a digital camera. I need a credit card.

So, I talked to Lydia about my school feelings and problems and I feel a lot better. Thank you to everyone on live journal for sharing your experience, strength and hope w/me about taking a really long time to finish school! I feel a lot better because I know I'm not alone. Also, I got a perfect A on the essay that I turned in awhile ago and we just got it back last class. That made me happy. I have a not so great feeling about the one I just turned in though...I know it was kind of lame. Oh well!

Erik and I hung out and ate Popeye's and watched the first new episode of curb your enthusiasm. It was great. I think that he is about 95% sure that he will be transferring departments in the Ritz, which means going from overnight security (hours 10pm - 6:30am) to Valet (hours either 7am-3pm or 10am-6pm). So that should be better for him because he'll be living on the same schedule as the rest of the world finally!

My room is a huge mess and needs to be cleaned, but I seriously feel like that might be my only problem today. That's a great life!
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